Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Keys Network

Here is a terrific new web site, The Keys Network. They've taken things to a new level for those who have a deeper interest in the Keys and Key West than can be satisfied with mere blogs like mine, or by groups that focus on Key West, or web sites like the Citizen.

I had a similar idea, as you might recall, but these guys have done the work and created a useful and interesting site with downloadable "Podcasts" and even "Vodcasts" featuring people in and of The Real Key West. Michael Suib, the author of Confessions of a Key West Cabby and a weekly columnist for the Miami Herald tells stories drawn from his experience driving a pink taxi in Key West. Tom Forsythe, who I don't know yet, is apparently the creative force behind The Keys Network, since he's listed as Producer/Editor-in-Chief on the web site. I know Lee Davis from his participation in a couple of the Key West groups that I used to read regularly but only drop in to occasionally anymore. I'm looking forward to getting to know these guys better and might be able to realize my idea in collaboration with them.

Podcasts, if there's any one reading here who doesn't know it already, are downloadable audio files (Vodcasts are video files) that you can listen to with almost any MP3 player, such as iTunes and the Apple iPod. The files are widely playable with other programs and on non-Apple players, and on non-Apple computers. I use iTunes to manage all of my music files, to find and buy new music and videos, to subscribe to a variety of podcasts, to listen to internet radio, and now to listen to and watch podcasts and vodcasts. With a high-speed internet connection, the files can be downloaded quickly.

I wish Tom and his crew well in this. Check it out, listen to the inaugural podcast that's available at the site now. Watch the vodcast of Peter Anderson claiming possession of the old seven-mile bridge pier. It's the one where the Cubans who landed there recently were arrested and returned to Cuba by the Coast Guard. They were denied entry on the theory that they hadn't landed on the "mainland" of the U.S. and thus weren't eligible under the wet foot/dry foot policy set in place during the 1990's. That policy is fiercely defended by the Cuban-American lobby centered in Miami's Little Havana, the ones who tried to keep Elian Gonzalez from being returned to the custody of his father. By all means, watch Michael Suib's interview with Margo, Key West's oldest living drag queen. Great stuff!

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