Friday, January 27, 2006

A Morning Conversation

I'm in the Coffee Plantation this morning. I arrived early because I have some shopping to do on North Roosevelt Boulevard a little later. I haven't been getting here as early as I used to on Whitehead Street, so I generally miss the crowd that is here now: Trumpet Bob, a musician, a trumpet player obviouslky, who plays outside of the Tropical Cafe near Mel Fisher's Museum on Front Street some days, and with bands around town some nights; Jeff Salzmann and Geoff Kaufman, who are coming for dinner tonight; Joe Forte, still in town; Ric Keith, the houseboat builder; Captain Bill; and artist George Crosby. They're talking music, the Key West Symphony which is performing tonight. Joe is hanging on. He must have worked something out with the ImmigraciĆ³n, or he's on the lam. As time passes, the conversation goes on between Trumpet Bob and Crosby, and wanders through music, art, New York City, and on and on.

I spent five hours yesterday with Captain Outrageous, giving him a lesson on how to make better use of his Mac Powerbook G4. He was delighted with some of the things we were able to discover together, especially with iTunes. He began immediately to load the library with some of his CDs. I heard later that he had already built the library up to 500 songs.

We're going to meet a couple of times a week at his gallery on Caroline Street to continue the lessons. He's an eager student. And he pays me.

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