Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oysters et al.

We went to Schooner Wharf again tonight to listen to John Oyster and the Happy Love Band. These folks formerly played together as the Fantastic Oysters. They're a favorite of Evelena's, and appeared regularly at Schooner's in recent years. They're also a favorite of ours. John (whose real last name is probably not Oyster) is a good guy. Janet bonded with him and he with her from the beginning.

Earlier in the evening we attended a fund-raiser for General Jeff Chapman of the Conch Republic Army. Chapman has cancer and is currently in the hospital in Miami receiving treatment. The event was held in the garden at the Oldest House/Wreckers Museum on Duval St.. It featured a variety of entertainment, free food, and drinks for a free will donation. It's the kind of generous event for which the Conch Republic is well-known.

This is one of the entertainers, Geoff Kaufman, singer of sea chanteys. He's shown here with identical twin brothers from North Carolina who come here periodically.

Geoff (G-Geoff) and Jeff Salzmann (J-Jeff) came to our place for dinner on Friday evening. We enjoyed a tasty meal of tilapia and trimmings and a couple of hours of enjoyable conversation. G-Geoff returns to his home in New London, CT this week after a month of sailing aboard the Appledore schooner where he entertained passengers twice a day.

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