Friday, February 03, 2006

KeysCasts: Podcasts from the Florida Keys

I'm staying in this morning to get some work done. I've been up since 8, had a bowl of generic Cheerios for breakfast, and have been at the computer since. I'm giving Leeza a lesson on using Yahoo! Mail at one o'clock. I'll likely go to the Coffee Plantation around noon for my first cup of the day, and to get and read the Friday papers.

I put in a link to The Keys Network web site in my list of favorite links. It's there in the right column, scroll down a ways. It's second in the list, after the Key West Citizen. Check out the podcast from Michael Suib titled "What Does a Cabby Know?". Michael narrates this short story from his book "Confessions of a Key West Cabby".

The podcast should open in your favorite MP3 player.

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