Friday, February 17, 2006

Now You Have It ... Now You Don't

After all the hoorah-ing over the School Board's acceptance of the State of Florida's offer for the Harris School on Southard St., the State withdrew its offer by refusing to fund the purchase.

"I would suggest that the Harris School does not meet the conservation criteria that many other worthy properties do," Bush said at Tuesday's Cabinet meeting. "Over time, my views become hardened on that subject."

Some people think that the purchase might still be able to go forward, so perhaps the door hasn't been closed firmly and forever. The State of Florida seems to not know what to do with its problem children in Key West and Monroe County. The Keys are vexing to Tallahassee. Maybe that's why legislators and administrators retain the parental controls given them by the Keys designation as an "Area of Critical Concern", subject to regulatory oversight by the Department of Community Affairs.

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