Friday, February 17, 2006


Dennis Reeves Cooper has a longish piece in today's Blue Paper (Key West the Newspaper)about parking problems in the City. [I don't recommend trying to read the on-line version yet. It's a very large PDF file that doesn't download quickly, even on a fast connection. Dennis is working to get it smaller and faster once the Buz Dillon Memorial Computer System is installed and running.)

Cooper, as is usually the case, reasons clearly about the problem and some of its causes. In brief, two of the causes are a City policy regarding broken meters and allowing residents to park in front of their own driveways. The meters all have printed on them a notice saying, "No Parking if Meter Jammed or Broken". The policy -- or is it an ordinance? -- was instituted when the City discovered that some people were deliberately jamming meters in order to avoid feeding them. I can't explain it as well as Copper does, so I won't try. However, he makes an argument that sounds logical to me: allow parking at broken meters, and make the City responsible for getting them fixed promptly to get the revenue flowing again.

City Commissioners need to read what Cooper has to say. If there are good reasons why his ideas are not the logical thing to do, they ought to point them out. Otherwise, direction to the City Manager is all it should take to have the policy changed.

Here's what one caller to the Citizens' Voice had to say yesterday:
I say sue City Hall for being ticketed for parking by a non-working parking meter. The great thing about Key West is that it's small enough to still be run by the will of the people."

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