Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rooster Rescue Team Alert

If you are in Key West and happen to see a man and his dog on Whitehead St., near the Courthouse, please let me know if you observe the dog being allowed to harass the chickens who live there, under and around the trees and shrubs. There have been several reports that a man releases the dog to chase the chickens on weekends, terrifying them.

Whatever you might think of the chickens of Key West, no one should abuse, harass, or kill our Key West Gypsy roosters and hens, or chickens of any other breed. Not only is it wrong; it's a crime.

The Key West Rooster Rescue team responds to reports of sick or injured chickens, or of babies without mothers, and will try to rescue them and bring them to the Chicken Store for treatment, rehabilitation, and eventual adoption.

For an immediate response, call the Rooster Rescue Hotline at (305) 294-0070.

Revised and updated on 2/23/2006.



you people are insane chickens are food they are disgusting animals who should be thrown on a burnpile before the bird flu comes to key west and destroys the beloved parrots that some residents hold so dear chickens are food and they are born to die be slaughtered and i hope your nightmares are full of dead chickens and slaugterhouses as my dreams are full of a world where running over a chicken is like running over a cockroach(or a politician) doing some good to keep those loud roosters flattened on duval. next thing you will be defending pigeons, and seagulls.
get a life, and stop bothering private citizens

Nate said...

Wow! That chickensrfood is a complete idiot. It's sad that even the poorest specimens of our gene pool have access to computers and forums to spout their stupidity.

One of the most memorable parts of my visit to Key West on my honeymoon was the discovery of the beautiful wild chickens of Key West. Bantams are actually quite suited to being pets btw. I had a few as pets growing up. They're quite inquisitive and docile.

My sincere thanks to the folks who dedicate their time and effort to bettering the lives of these wonderful creatures!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who this person is? This Chris Guinto? Apparently, this guy is working with a Key West animal shelter to eradicate all the chickens down there in some sort of undercover operation, though they deny it & getting any information regarding this major round-up seems to be hush-hush. Rumor has it that he is pretty much the "bad boy" of the animal kingdom???

Any information you can send me would be very helpful. I am a journalist outside of San Francisco interested in doing a piece about this 'operation' for our local paper.

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