Monday, February 06, 2006

The Shipyard according to Captain Bill

Here is the letter that I mentioned the other day. Bill Estes is a year-round resident of The Shipyard, and an activist over the last few years in trying to get the City to enforce the ordinance that prohibited transient rentals in that condominium project. He and others who objected to those rentals lost the battle when the City Commission approved a settlement with a dozen or so residents of Truman Annex and The Shipyard, and unexplainably gave away valuable partial transient rental licenses to every property owner in those two gated communities. I look forward to the day I am able to read the minutes of the Commission's executive session in which the settlement of TAMPOA's penultimate lawsuit was decided.

Bill's letter makes quite clear what happened: big money won out over the efforts of Real Key West people to maintain peaceful possession of their homes. His argument, that the conversion to transient also converted the property to commercial, may not be legally sufficient to overturn the TAMPOA traffic agreement, but it is powerfully logical. To quote Bill's letter, "the same document the owners are using to prove their case that the city has no grounds to take over Southard Street states there will be no commercial activity in the Truman Annex/Shipyard Condominiums."

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