Friday, February 03, 2006

Street Businesses

Dennis Cooper has a piece up in this week's Key West the Newspaper about a local motorcycle shop that uses a number of metered (and a couple of un-metered) parking spaces on Southard St. to park their scooters during the day. The owner of the business says he is feeding the meters all day, but a spot check showed at least two meters that were expired. The business has been located there for over 40 years and the owner says he's always been allowed to use the street for display and storage.

I saw the same thing on Duval St. today. A business at 1020 Duval St. parks four electric cars on the street. When I went by at around 4:00 today, all four meters were on expired.

Dennis rightly asks whether other businesses would be allowed to claim a portion of a public street as their own. Would Code Enforcement shut them down? Can they?

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