Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Truman Waterfront Update

I went away for a while but now I'm back. Actually, I didn't go anywhere, but I got busy this week and put blogging aside for a couple of days.

There has been some news, mostly via the papers, about some things I'm interested in and have been following here.

This cartoon was in Sunday's Key West Citizen. Truman Annex continues to take heat over the traffic issues. Here's a sampling:

A letter to the editor from a T/A resident includes this:
It grieves me to see a recent Citizens' Voice caller claiming that Truman Annex residents "don't care what happens to Bahama Village." Everyone I know in the Annex cares deeply for all of Key West, especially our neighbors in Bahama Village.


From another resident, this one in the Shipyard, comes this letter. The writer says in part:
Now The Citizen berates TAMPOA, the organization representing Truman Annex property owners, for filing a lawsuit that could block development of the 34 acres just relinquished by the Navy. But going to court -- that is to say, making the City Commission subject to laws other than its own -- is about all we can do. As the owner of a unit in the Shipyard, I know that while all of us pay taxes, only a minority of us vote in Key West. Even the commissioner who supposedly represents us dismisses us as a "rental community."

I have a letter in hand from another Shipyard owner that ought to be in the paper in the next day or so. It takes a completely opposite position, and avers that the entire complex is now a commercial property. I'll post a link to that letter when it is published.

The Citizens' Voice has been active too.
"While I can understand the desire to not have loud, constant traffic in one's back yard, the statement that because someone has 'lots of money' makes them more deserving of 'star treatment' or makes them more 'special' than anyone else is disgusting; a clear demonstration of what is wrong here and all over this country. One Human Family: Learn it, live it."
Wednesday, February 1
"The city should let Truman Annex have Southard Street, but charge them an extra $500 to $1,000 bucks per property a year to do so. Sure, the city will lose some money up front in having to make a new road to the waterfront, but in 10 years, the money from the annex will have paid for a new road and the city will continue to make money off them for years to come."
Tuesday, January 31
"If Truman Annex wants to be a gated community and withdraw from Key West, I guess we have to let them. However, we should let them have their own private, self-supplied police department, fire department, electrical system, sewage system, water supply ... "
"I say we deny Truman Annex permits to build the new gates they want, and open the other gates that we should have access to. Open it up; show them what bullying can cost."
Monday, January 30
"TAMPOA is right. We don't want the traffic and noise in our back yard. This is where many elite live in Key West, with lots of money and time on their hands just ready to fight for our rights as homeowners. We are special and don't deserve any less than star treatment."
Sunday, January 29. (This one might have been parody. You think?)
"Gates keep out more than cars; they are intimidating and the cars don't contain dummies? Yes, eminent domain is appropriate in this case, particularly since the majority of the owners are not Florida residents. Eminent domain will succeed in what is best for the community, not for a few people with self-serving interests. That historical street has been open for years, so you may be the one who needs new glasses."
Saturday, August 28
"To TAMPOA and its [attitude] that [they] don't care what happens to Bahama Village. If you don't want to be a part of the history and ambiance of Key West, then you can all take your snooty attitudes and go back where you came from. There are still enough of us professional and business people that we can carry on without you."
"Since the managers or the powers that be at Truman Annex, TAMPOA, seem to think that the rest of this town is trash, why don't we all take our trash to the Southard Street gates and throw it over? Let them really feel like they want to be out of Key West. Let them put their homes up for sale cheap and move because we're just going to degrade their property values. Maybe we should have a dress code when we go in there. Bermuda shorts and ties maybe? We can look classy like them. Come on TAMPOA, either get with it or get out."
Wednesday, January 25

The Citizen editorialized on Monday, January 23. The headline: TAMPOA is holding the waterfront hostage

The beat goes on.

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Anonymous said...

please be aware that the shipyard and tampoa are two distinct entities. it is tampoa who owns southard and who is involved in the suit. shipyard is not a party to it. the rental rules in shipyard and tampoa are very different and depend on their respective boards amd their rules.

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