Thursday, February 16, 2006

When & What I Post

Early on, I made a considered a decision to limit my postings here to things that are related to The Real Key West. I also decided some time ago that I would set for myself a goal of posting at least one entry per day. I haven't always held to those aims.

Sometimes, as now, a day or two or three might pass without my putting something up. On those occasions, I'll usually try to make multiple postings on following days. That keeps my average at something close to one a day.

Even less often, I'll stretch for a Keys connection in order to justify a post that might not be strictly about the Keys or Key West. Or the time I wanted to brag about our granddaughter, I made that post unapologetically, claiming it as privilege. If you control the means of publication, as I do here, you can actually publish whatever you want.

So, that's one for today.

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