Thursday, June 15, 2006

Visiting New Hampshire

We've been here in New Hampshire for a week and a day visiting with daughter Betty and her family, having a good time. Coming from Key West, as we do, we're finding the nights to be cool, bordering on cold.

We drove to Tilton, New Hampshire today to visit a relative of Janet's employer Katha Sheehan, the Key West Chicken Lady. Glenna, the Chicken Lady's aunt, and her husband Walter are both in their 80's. They were very gracious toward us, sharing the information they have about Katha's father and his ancestors. Glenna suffers from the onset of Alzheimer's, but she was a trouper and managed to give us some useful information. We're sure that Katha will be excited when she sees what we've found.

It's Bike Week in Laconia this week, and Tilton is in the vicinity of Laconia. We saw many bikes and bikers all through the area, all apparently enjoying a fine (but cool) New England day.

Key West, as you might or might not know, is an island that is two miles wide by four miles long. We rarely have any reason to leave the island, and when we do it's most often to travel only a short way away. When we come 'home' to New England, it always strikes me that going somewhere involves a lot more driving than we are used to, and seems to take a very long time. We went to Lowell, MA yesterday to do some genealogical digging on Katha's behalf. 65 miles (one way). Tilton today, 45 miles. Tomorrow I'll go to Littleton, MA to spend the day with my Mom; 77 miles.

I think I miss my bicycle.

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