Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year Rockin' [Jake] Eve

It was a classic night of music at the Green Parrot last night. Rockin' Jake is in town for his 10th annual appearance at the Parrot leading into a New Year's Eve show that is legendary in this town. The band is completely new since Jake moved from New Orleans to St. Louis, following the destruction of his home in hurricane Katrina last year. The three new members are all from St. Louis and, although it was disappointing to see Jake's former group break up, the new guys are already tight. They rocked tonight, with Jake laying on some of his incredible harmonica virtuosity. I swear that Jake does things with his collection of harmonicas that are unnatural, but it sure results in some great music.

The band will do three more shows between today (Saturday) and Monday. There'll be a 10 PM full show on Saturday, a 10 PM show on New Year's Eve, and another matinee at 5 PM on Monday before the group leaves town until next December 31.

Catch 'em if you can. You won't be sorry.

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