Monday, March 05, 2007

There are ...
Bimbos and
Bozos and
Bikers and
Daytime drunks and
Three-time losers .....

Tourist Town Bar by Michael McCloud

It's Spring Break in Key West, a time that attracts not only college students, but a variety of other types who may or may not be attracted to the prospect of "hooking up" with one (or more) of them.

The Key West Police Department sends out press releases periodically on events that take place in this town. One such release was sent out late today. It reads:

March 5, 2007


Two out-of-town police officers and a firefighter were arrested early Sunday morning after apparently getting in a fight over pizza on Duval Street.
Benjamin Martin Hoffman, 32, an officer with the Homestead Police Department and Brian Laurie, 30, an officer with the New London, Conn., Police Department were both charged with battery for the incident, which occurred around 4 a.m. on March 4.
Dennis Michael Cole, 30, a firefighter from Michigan, was also arrested for battery.
The fight broke out after Cole allegedly tried to take a slice of pizza from Hoffman and his fiancé, who were walking in the 200 block of Duval Street with a box of pizza. Hoffman told police that he pushed Cole away and then they began to fight.
Cole told police that he had only defended himself from the other two, who were "overreacting to something stupid."
While Key West Police officers were interviewing Hoffman and Cole, who were visibly drunk and continuously yelling at each other, both out-of-town officers complained that the Key West officers were not doing their job properly and refused to cooperate with local authorities.
Due to the fact that all three subjects had visible injuries and all wanted to press charges against each other, all three men were arrested and transported to the Monroe County Detention Center.

When people are arrested in the Keys they go to the Monroe County Jail, where they are photographed and have their mug shots and name, age, address, arrest location, and the particular charge or charges posted on the internet. These are the three people arrested as described in the press release:

It struck me as curious that these three reports don't give the addresses of those arrested, nor the arrest location and, in the case of Laurie, his occupation, i.e., police officer. Meanwhile, every other arrest that day included that data, raising in my mind at least whether they were given some kind of special treatment.

I can only imagine what it must be like on Duval Street at 4 AM (or 3 AM or 2 AM) since I can't recall ever having been there at those hours. To me it's symptomatic of one of the unfortunate things about our city, that we are such a honky-tonk kind of place, with drunks stumbling around, getting into stupid fights and being otherwise obnoxious. I suspect that Homestead, New London, and wherever in Michigan the firefighter was from don't have such concentrated "fun" zones and wouldn't tolerate the behaviors that occur regularly in ours.


Aqua said...

The home addresses are omitted from individuals of certain professions. It isn't special treatment. It's due to the nature of the profession. That's the law everywhere.

If there was special threatment, the KWPD would not have arrested these guys.

Anonymous said...

Key West was a town full of shrimpers, sailors bikers and brawlers long before any of us came here. Drunken behavior and lawlessness are just as much a part of Key West's heritage as all of the grooviness that came later.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why they left out where they were arrested, don't know why that would matter.

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