Friday, March 02, 2007

Where's the real news?

Here in Key West there are five local broadcast news channels we can tune in to on Comcast, all of them based in Miami. Since we got up at 6 AM, every one of them is airing minute-to-minute coverage of the motorcade carrying Anna Nicole Smith's casket to Miami International Airport for the short flight to Nassau for her funeral. The motorcade, led by at least six police motorcycles Iand probably trailed by an equal number), slowed morning traffic all along its route.

Is there no real news to be covered? What about war? Stock markets? Tornadoes? Is this how the end of civilization will play itself out?

Why not just an unmarked hearse at two A.M.?

Bah! Now watching C-SPAN.


Anonymous said...

Ain't it the truth.....

That's why when I get up at 6AM I immediately tune in Miami's NPR channel on the radio. And since the local repeater is so prone to interferance, I usually use the internet version at mms://

Cayo Dave said...

Just thought you should know that the Captain Outrageous Blog link you have points to a site that redirects into a nasty forced download of goodness knows what.
Claims to be a scan, but it pretty much took over my ability to close the window while deceptive pop-ups appeared. The "scan" is initiated despite me trying to close the window.
My guess is that the domain expired and bad guys took over the site, put up a redirect, and now has a damaging way of downloading stuff onto unsuspecting people's systems.
Love your blog - I visit all the time.
-Cayo Dave

Cayo Dave said...

Upon further examination, it looks like the correct address for the Captain Outrageous blog is:

the site your link is currently pointing to is slightly different, and a world more sinister.

-Best Fishes
-Cayo Dave
-Key West Chronicle blog

Anonymous said...

As one who's been in the media for decades, I also find news coverage like this just a waste of time and resources.

News is consultant driven. The consultants keep telling us that this stuff draws viewers. They must be right.

I wish viewers just would not watch this junk, and we eventually could get back to the business of reporting real news.

Anonymous said...

Hola, amigos - Love catching up on Key West happenings... I wrote on this topic, too:
the_bad_news_ju.html (had to put a return in after 02/ to make it fit). Join me at CNBC for the colors....

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