Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Day in the Life

I have a little time this morning for a not-too-long posting. Janet is having her hair done at Hot Cuts on Flagler Avenue. It's Wednesday. The mid-week edition of the Keynoter is on the streets (free). Linda, our Orkin lady comes for the monthly treatment for insects

Susan and Rick, our daughter and son-in-law from Austin arrive tomorrow and we're putting the final touches on their apartment, our second floor guest room. We're moving into the house ourselves either during their visit or immediately thereafter.

We had to have Rommel cleaned yesterday at Pampered Pets. He prefers to spend a lot of time outside, on the deck or in the dirt of the yard. He needed two flea dips and a flea spray follow-up to get rid of the fleas that had jumped aboard since he was treated two weeks ago.
We're getting it under control but it takes time. I have to learn how to apply Advantix® properly. Rommel and I go walking in Old Town twice a day, morning and evening. We usually wind up at Mallory Square by one route or another and then 'head for the barn' and a training session. I'm learning a lot about animal behavior (including the behavior of two-legged animals.

A good tenant, Mike, came to us yesterday and asked us if we minded! if he left for Colorado for 2-1/2 months this coming Saturday. He's been the perfect tenant, pays his rent on time every week, quiet, neat. He works hard at construction and as a waiter at Fogarty's, and sometimes working at one of the watersports businesses at the beaches. The opportunity of a summer job in Colorado came up and he wants to give it a try. We told him that he's welcome to come back and stay us if he returns -- and if we have the room.

Those of you who read here regularly might be wondering, what happened. We'll be spinning that story out over time. It began with Captain Outrageous and has taken us to places we couldn't imagine and has us doing things we didn't expect to ever do again.

I'm a believer in angels. They wear disguises. You have to learn to recognize them by their actions.

I'm going to try to watch Monica Goodling's testimony on C-SPAN this morning as we go about our business.

Oh, by the way, we have some paintings for sale, good ones. More to come on that. Meanwhile, check this out.

Life in The Real Key West goes on. Now it's time to get dressed and go to "work".

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I come back to your blog every few months, and sometimes more often than that. I always enjoy your unique perspective and honest reviews of the daily goings on in Key West.
Best blog in Key West!

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