Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Ruminations

It's Labor Day weekend in the Keys and it's hard to see it making a huge difference in business for those who depend on tourism. A few more cruise ship landings because of the damage done by Dean to Costa May on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico gave business a short bump a couple of weeks ago. Last week it was dead. Servers at Margaritaville and other tourist-oriented establishments report a sharp drop in tip earnings. Some of our tenants are calling to say that they'll be a little late in coming up with this week's rents. The weekend kicks off Womenfest 2007, even though the event doesn't begin officially until Tuesday. The following week brings bikers in for a Poker Run, loud noise*, and BBB (big bar business).

We're watching Felix, the latest hurricane-strength tropical storm follow the path of Dean through the lower Gulf towards the Yucatan again. No worries here unless Felix makes a right turn somewhere along its path.

The weather here continues, as it has been all summer, humid, more humid than we remember it being in past summers. Temperatures in the low 90's have been the norm, as usual, but we don't seem to get the periodic fronts that bring breezes to dry the humidity, the so-called trade winds.

Locally, the political season is underway as candidates for Mayor, City Commission, and the Utility Board move around attempting to drum up support for their candidacy among the approximate 15,000 registered voters (I tried to get a right count but the Registrar of Voters web site is giving me a database error). I wrote a post almost two years ago about election dynamics in Key West, the nub of which was that about 30% of eligible voters particpate in municipal elections. I'll have more to say about the upcoming election in the near future.

I have some pictures to post of the taking down of the VFW building on Elizabeth Street, and of the utter absence of any sogns of what was Atlantic Shores. In a post upcoming soon.

Now it's time to get a little work done.

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Hello Mr. and Mrs. Kelly.
I'm a business writer with the Associated Press in Miami and I am working on a story about the Florida Keys. I ran across your blog and found it informative. I was wondering if you had some time to talk with me, considering your knowledge of the area.
Please email me at if you are interested. Thanks in advance.
Adrian Sainz
AP Miami

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