Thursday, September 06, 2007

Waterfront Market to Close

The big news for the past couple of days is the closure of Waterfront Market at the end of September. Owner Buco Pantelis is throwing in the towel. He blames the City for the demise, saying that the lease renewal that he attempted to negotiate with the City (owner of the property) made it impossible for him to continue. New City Manager Jim Scholl said he is "disappointed that Pantelis blamed the City." "The City is a landlord and tried to be as fair as possible." "The City can't afford to subsidize one tenant more than others."

Buco, who is getting divorced, told me a month ago that he plans to go on a long motorcycle trip once the market is wrapped up. I and many others wish him health and happiness.


Anonymous said...

Just another example of misplaced priorities and poor management of city (read that to be "our") property.

Anonymous said...

It also sounds like Pantelis has had enough with the market. He deserves a long motorcycle ride -- running a business like that must be tough work.

Couldn't he move across the street or find another location if he really wanted to stay in business?

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