Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Accidental Tourist

"Bobby" came to Key West for a visit with his wife and seven year old son not knowing that it's Fantasy Fest week. He describes the town as having "exuberant squalor".  Here's part of what he had to say:

This was my second time in Key West (though the first was 10 years ago). The whole partying, free-wheeling scene calls to mind someone who’s trying a little too hard. All of the ranging up and down the streets with beers and beads in hand, yipping and hooting, strikes me as forced, like an act of rebellion. Like adolescence. All ages are represented. However, the middle-agers seem to predominate. They look very tan and very tired and, well, wan. Like they’ve been trying for years to capture or recapture something long gone, whether it was high school fun or freedom from mom and dad or stickin’ it to the Man. Something.

One more day of noise, drunkenness, exhibitionism and debauchery, then they all leave and the Parrotheads arrive. There's a huge bass -- something -- rattling the walls of the house, shaking the floor. A rappers stage is set up at the intersection of Caroline St and Duval. The music has been thumping since about 9:00 PM and it didn't stop until 2:00 AM.

Fantasy Fest, when [some] people come here to behave as they wouldn't at home, and many to do things that would get them arrested almost anywhere else. All in all, though, most of those we've seen have been orderly. Of course, we don't go to Duval St. very much. We'll watch the parade from Whitehead St. where people were setting up their viewing posts at noontime today.

Hmm, how can we watch the parade AND the Red Sox-Rockies game at the same time? Now that's a dilemma of the first order.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I think the boomers never grew up is all. The party of perpetual motion will catch up to them sooner or later. It might be time they act their age?

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