Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drinking as a sport

It's nearly noon and I'm doing an abbreviated blog review, something I usually do in the early morning hours. Sleeping until 8:30 cut the morning short today, though.

I get an e-mail every day with a Google Alert set to Key West. It brings me fresh links to recent news articles and blogs that mention our fair city.

What is the difference in drinking between Key West and Naples? “In Key West, it is a free for all. People drink to get drunk. In Naples, they drink to relax.”

was in an article in the Naples News. If anything, it's even more true at Fantasy Fest,

It's our first time experiencing the madness up close, 24/7. We're a half-block from Duval St. now. Ann Street, right outside our door, is on a path from Duval St. to the guest houses, parking lots, and all. The other night, late, I was in my room at the computer when I heard loud voices and what sounded like slapping right outside. I grabbed my phone and walked out onto the deck. A woman was sitting on the ground screaming hysterically at the man who stood over her. He was slapping his hands together and screaming back at her.

I dialed police dispatch. A foot patrolman walked over from Duval St. A cruiser appeared a minute later. The two officers quickly defused the situation, sending the man in one direction and the woman in another. The argument between them was over whether he should give her back her car keys. The woman was clearly too drunk to drive, so the man was probably doing the right thing. I don't think that he hit her. She wasn't having any of him until the police arrived. It's all too common a sight at this part of town.

This is our seventh fantasy fest experience. We normally attend only the parade during FF week but, last night, Janet went to the Headdress Ball at the Southernmost Hotel. SHe made her own headdress from a lampshade, beads and ribbon. She didn't win the $1,000 first prize. She didn't win a prize at all, but she had a good time and enjoyed the night.

We'll watch the parade on Saturday from a vantage point on Whitehead Street near the Green Parrot.


Anonymous said...

We saw Janet on the catwalk at the Headdress ball -- loved the way she did those "boggie down" moves when she got to the end, in front of the judges....

Thought her hat was really creative. But of course the judges preferred the outlandishly over-the-top productions. (By the way, Officer Steve T was one of the judges -- I'll bet he gave Janet his vote.. :-)

Anonymous said...

By the way: Nice editorial in Today's Citizen....!

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