Friday, January 04, 2008

A Christmas Story

This from Sloan Bashinsky at Good Morning Key West, in Today's Cock-a-doodle-doo

December 25 Tuesday

On Christmas Day, two men approached me on Duval Street, one with his right arm bandaged in gauze. He recognized and hailed me. I asked if he had a staph infection? Yes, he’d nearly lost his arm but the medicine was now helping. The other man showed me his right palm, all scabbed over, also getting better. I remembered when I nearly died from staph in 2003. Would have, but for the help of two Key West doctors and Lower Keys Medical Center, who treated me even though they knew I could not pay. The two street men asked if I could spare a couple of dollars for sodas or beers? No, but I’d buy them a meal. How’d I know they weren’t Jesus and Peter? We went into nearby Jack Flats and I got menus and told them to get anything they wanted. After some back and forth, they said they weren’t hungry. I said I’d done all I could and left them sitting there. God doesn’t let me drink alcohol and I don’t give street people money for it, either, but I often offer a meal, and some them are glad for it, while others decline.

Bashinsky was trounced in the Key West mayoral election just past, trounced in a run for County Commissioner two years ago, and has signaled his intention to run against County Commissioner Sonny McCoy this year.

Sloan is widely misunderstood and viewed by some as a kook (or worse). I think he is wise. And maybe a just a little crazy.

Or maybe a genius.

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I know in the past I commented on how I would give a street person a $20 to leave me alone (and get other to leave me alone)for my stay there, but in my home turf, I tend to do just that... offer them a meal/bite to eat. Some take it, some don't. Such is life. My reason is the same, I don't want to give them money to drink on. Based on this response, I would say the guy is genius (but as with anything in life, the fine line between kook and genius is generally blurred. It is just a point of view most of the time).

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