Sunday, February 17, 2008

What he said.

Conch Scooter waxes lyrical today. The meat:

"It always seemed perverse to me, yet unavoidable, how when I had figured it out, whatever it was, it bored me and I wanted to try something new. And now I am enjoying a sudden sense of feeling settled, of contentment and of connection to a place. Always in the past I was scanning the horizon looking fior a way out of the present. Why here, why now, I feel settled I couldn't say. Its not Jimmy Buffett, its not fantasy fest, its not the bars, the live music, the fishing, its is not even an escape from snow and gloomy weather. Its not pursuit of a woman (or a man), it is no longer necessary for me to be thinking of making a change. I am content here in Key West, the town I call home, as it struggles to transform itself and become something, possibly that which its promoters sell as a whim or desire. If you want Key West badly enough for whatever reason then you have to accept it in whatever guise it presents itself to you. If you want your fantasy instead, which is a valid option in a world filled with images without substance, then Key West will remain a chimera of palms, sunshine and endless buckets of beer; the Key West of vacations and dreams.

I have come to like Key West a lot, warts and all and those warts will, I hope, always find their place in my deathless prose."




Conchscooter said...

Umm, it does read quite well doesn't it? I quite surprise myself some days. Enough of that I need to return to Earth immediately.

Anonymous said...

Good lord.

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