Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"I can't do everything .....

... but I can do something."

This is one of the catch-phrases of the Love Your Island campaign being implemented under the direction of the Key West Clean and Green Task Force, a committee of volunteer citizens, and led by Chris Belland, an executive of Historic Tours of America and its many related corporations. The campaign is also being harmonized with the Green Living & Energy Efficiency, another environmental advocacy group that has become active recently.

The Love Your Island web site is well done and likely reflects HTA's internet expertise. The video here was shown at a City Commission last month, and is being shown in many other venues around town.

We're following the philosophy expressed in today's topic headline. As a smoker, I've become very conscious of the need to not dispose of my cigarette butts in the street, as I once would. That practice became a focus during the City's most recent Clean and Green cleanup when a few of the volunteers undertook to pick up only butts in a defined area and to see how many were collected. Here's the story on that.

Another thing we do is to pay attention to the cleanliness of our little corner of the island, specifically the property that we live on and the properties we manage. Recently, Bob (that's me) began picking up litter when walking on our little street, empty bottles and cans, food wrappers. There's something nearly every day, since Ann Street is an alternate path between Greene St. and Caroline St., avoiding Duval Street, and it bears a lot of late-night pedestrian traffic, as well as being a resting/sleeping place for the vagrants who sometimes bedevil this place.

The title phrase isn't unique or original . Here's the source and the full quote by Edward Everett Hale. But it's apropos here and has a reasonable chance of succeeding.

Care to sign up?

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Webmaster AKC 1 said...

We took a trip up to Vermont and Quebec a couple of summers ago, and one of the first things we noticed were NO CIGARETTE BUTTS everywhere on the ground (unlike Florida, for instance).

Of course, for fifty years, they have had heavy fines against littering for years, as well as vigorous public service advertising discouraging people from littering.

And they also have plenty of places where you can dispose of trash.

Key West is dirty, and all the
TDC advertising can't undo the word of mouth message among the well-heeled: Key West is just plain dirty.

It takes a certain amount of community pride, which must be redeveloped, in order to be successful.

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