Monday, May 12, 2008

About Blogging

I realized the other day that I'm at the helm of a mini publishing empire here. I have sole or shared control of eight blogs and six web sites right now, and I'm about to add two or three more in the near future.

The City Ambassadors group are working on a plan to set up a shared blog, one on which up to 100 Ambassadors can post and make comments on the posts of others. There are also plans by the Ambassadors to create a skills bank of members who are willing to share their expertise with the City if and when such expertise will be helpful in some way.

Antonio, one of the artists whose work we represent in the Gallery, has shown a serious interest in blogging and I've agreed to help him get started. I've put up a couple of new things at the Captain Outrageous' blog lately. And just recently I acquired the blog site I'm calling Another Point of View. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to use it yet, but the notion behind it is that Key West's public information output is uniformly one-sided and self-referential. At times, propagandistic, one might say. What brought this up was a conversation I've been having with Stan, a friend of mine. He watched a discussion of the fifth penny on the City channel on Comcast Cable (CH. 77) and then thought about how the commercial channels out of Miami (and elsewhere) generally offer an opportunity for "those having an opposing viewpoint" to give a response to be broadcast whenever the station management gives its opinion about something. I'm not certain, but that may be an FCC requirement. It's likely that management makes the choice of who gets to present the opposing viewpoint, but I doubt that they exercise any censorship of what the opposer says (within the bounds of relevance, good taste and civility).

I've also thought a lot about the self-restrictions I observe, to limit what I write here to Key West, a rule that I break only rarely and with full disclosure (the tag is "Not Key West"). There are times when I'm moved to write about things that aren't Key West, so I think now and again of setting up a new web log. I've resisted that urge so far. Instead, I sometimes, but not often, will leave a comment on someone else's blog, just for the exercise of writing it.

Blogger, the site I've used ever since I began this in 2002, has improved over the last six years to be a very easy way to manage this entire process, to add photos, videos and sound -- not yet from me, but maybe -- and to format the text and add links to others. There are other blogging systems, WordPress is one, but Blogger by Google is by far the biggest and, in my opinion, the easiest to use.

There's another blogging empire up the Keys, run by a guy called Captain Conch. It consists of Good Morning Florida Keys, Good Morning Key West, Sandy for Sheriff, and a daily compendium of citizens' comments known as Coconut Telegraph at Captain Conch uses Wordpress for his blogs. Some day I might ask him why.

Not that any of this matters much, but it's what's been on my mind this morning. That, and why the 13,000 BTU air conditioner we bought doesn't cool the room like it ought to.

Now its off to do some errands.


Anonymous said...

Another popular blog service is TypePad. It does a pretty good job of supporting "pages" along with the "posts", which lets you build a website around the blog all on the same site.

Blogger/BlogSpot is easier, but TypePad has an appeal of its own...

Webmaster AKC 1 said...


Totally in agreement with this post.

BTW, you have done our community a major public service with your blogging activity, at a time when there was (or is) little even-handed reporting on critical local issues.

So, THANKS! And, once again, a major tip o' the hat to ya.

Long may you blog!

John M

PS: Oh, yeah, about the heat. Summer has arrived; let's pray that it be uneventful again this year!

Cayo Dave said...

Air conditioner not cooling as it should?
Check and make sure it is draining properly (new a/c units come with a rubber plug installed in the drain hole on the back). If the unit doesn't drain, it'll fill the drain pan with water, eventually deep enough for the fan to splash water and freeze up the coil.
Also, make sure the unit is tilting towards the drain hole.

Robert Kelly said...

It was Janet who figured it out, with some help from the mfr's support line. The exhaust hose (it's a floor model) had become detached so all of the hot air was being exhausted back into the room.

So now we know.

Webmaster AKC 1 said...

Good Heavens! Send her over!

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