Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Gangs of Monroe County

"J---- C-----, that gang of two."

Thus spake Monroe County Mayor Mario DeGennaro at today's Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting in Key West. The subject was a decision on whether to authorize a development process for a new hotel at Key West Airport (and one at Marathon Airport, too). The blasphemy came forth just after the Commission voted 3-2 to suspend the County's own rules and accept a late-submitted response to a request for information from developers for the hotels.

The gang of two reference is to the Gang of Three name that's been applied to the triad of Commissioners DeGennaro, McCoy and Spehar. McCoy and Spehar are each up for reelection this year. The Gang of Two sobriquet refers to Commissioners Nugent and Murphy, who are often outvoted by the other three.

The proposals received for Key West thus far are for different designs from three firms. One of them is for a 19-story, 182 foot tower with 164 rooms. That would be 122 feet taller than is permitted in the City of Key West. The other two proposals for Key West are both proposed at heights that exceed the City's limits, though by a much smaller amount.

The Commissioners, before breaking for lunch, agreed unanimously to give staff a go-ahead to analyze the proposals and report on what hurdles will need to be cleared in order to go forward with any of them.

"Gosh darn it," said Commissioner Murphy, "there's that gang of five again".

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Anonymous said...

All in the time honored tradition of Jack London and other greats like him. Throw the b-----ds out!

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