Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Key West 1958

Our daughter Susan clued me on to these photos on Flickr. They're quite remarkable, really, good quality, brilliant colors, and a look at the life of a place in the images of the lives of people in a bygone era.

Things I noticed:
1. The Shrimp Docks when they were still in the Key West Bight. My Navy ship tied up nearby to these docks in 1959 and I can remember huge baskets of the pink gold on the dock. Note the two men sleeping; either tired shrimpers or some early vagrants.
2. The Southernmost House.
3. Head of Duval Street, where the shore is now lined with hotels and timeshares. The former bank building at the corner of Duval and Front is clear in the background.
4. The Greyhound fishing charter, once captained by Captain Tony himself. The Greyhound IV -- or is it V -- still sails from Garrison Bight.
5. Piles of coral from the reef, apparently for sale
6. The aquarium and the trolley, pre-HTA

The poster of these rescued them and thousands more from many locations in Florida and elsewhere.

Thanks Susan, see you and Rick in August.


Anonymous said...

Thanks should go to a poster who goes by tmruff, from Minneapolis MN, who posted the link on the TripAdvisor KW forum. Credit where due and all that.

Glad you liked them, I knew you'd recognize a lot more than I could in them.

Elizabeth Chasse said...

So cool! Such beautiful colors and so clear.

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