Monday, July 21, 2008

A Real Key West Car

Ri and Sandy came to visit on Saturday and to show us their new car, a Zenn (Zero Emission No Noise) all-electric that they bought here in KW last week. It's the first one sold by Key West's Zenn dealership, ZENN Electric Cars of Monroe County, located at 1304 Duval Street. Clever people, those Canadians.

It reminds me of a Morris Minor but with a more contemporary look, or of a Mini Cooper. Two of them can share a city parking space (although the parking police would never allow that), yet the inside space is ample enough for four people or a big load of groceries.

It's governed to operate only at 25 miles an hour because of government regulation, although it can operate at somewhat higher speeds without the governor. Otherwise, it's a suitable car for Key West. Sandy's a teacher at Poinciana School on Kennedy Drive and she and Ri live on Stock Island, so her commute is only about 10 minutes and less than 3 miles. This isn't a total solution, but the savings that can be realized contribute towards amortizing its $18,000 price tag.

Apparently this is the current state of technology for electric vehicles, at least for commercialized ones, but Ri was telling me that there are newer technologies that are going to revolutionize automotive transportation if we will support it, and if the auto manufacturers don't try to kill it -- again.

We'll be looking for more reports from Ri and Sandy as time goes by. Right now they're very enthusiastic about their decision to buy. Meanwhile, anyone interested in a lightly-used Volvo convertible?


Conchscooter said...

We received the ad with the Sunday Citizen. 25 mph and looks like an East German Trabant. Not Zenn but Killjoy. Why does social purity have to be so boring?

George Crosby said...

shit in abag/piss in a cup...higg's beach stylin'

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