Monday, August 04, 2008

Two Old Men and the Sea

Our son-in-law, Lee, is coming to Key West aboard a forty-something foot tug boat. He took a month off from his part-time job to crew for a friend of his, the owner of the boat, Jay, who is repositioning the tug in preparation for moving here to take a job as a civilian diver/welder for the Navy.

They left Portsmouth, NH Naval Shipyard (which is located in Kittery, ME; don't ask unless you really want to know) last Wednesday, July 30th and were in New Jersey last night, August 3rd. I don't have an ETA from Lee yet but the trip should take the better part of two weeks. There was some talk of picking up the Intracoastal Waterway at Manasquam Inlet. That's where they moored last night, so they ought to be on the IW now.

Lee began a log when they left and has been sending daily reports. Here are the first few.

Log of the Cruz-In
DAY 1 - July 30, 2008
1312 – Engines fired up at the ‘T’ on dock C at the Sound Basin. All Lines in and fenders stored per orders of the Captain. But within minutes I heard shouting and we had to return to the dock because Marty’s purse was on board. 

1206 - Really on the way now and at 1355 we pass to the starboard of the G1 buoy and make a heading of 195 degrees towards the Annisquam River entrance. The Seas are around 1 foot or less and clear skies.

1700 - Entering the mouth of the Annisquam River. Lots of boats beached and folks having low tide parties. Waited for two bridges on the Annisquam, one was a railway bridge ( train finally came )and the other was the Blynman Canal Bridge manned by a nice young lady.

1800 – We arrived at the East Point Yacht Club, announced our presence and got mooring approval. Only thing was the young man in the club launch never approached us for payment. Jay and I enjoyed a nice roast beef sandwich and a couple of huge Captain Morgan with Mango and Peach mix. 

TOTAL MILES – 22.5 and 4 hrs and 48 min.

Log of the Cruz-In
DAY 2 – July 31 2008
0500 - Woke up with a huge wake from some joker going out to sea to make money fishing. What a concept huh ? So got dressed, made enough noise to wake Jay and by 0525 we were drinking coffee. Seems like a light mist outside. We had our drinks here at the mooring last night looking at the distant Boston skyline.

0619 – Dropped the mooring and Jay said “Make a note Lee that batteries are at 53 amps.” Don’t ask me why, I’m only the 1st Mate. Clearing Glouscester Harbor we set a heading of 221 mag for our first leg through Massachusetts Bay. We traveled through fog from ¼ mile visibility to 1 mile. Jay had the radar on and with the navigator program we were sitting pretty. I plotted legs using the buoys in Massachusetts Bay and gave Jay an Estimated Time of Arrival at the Cape Cod Canal of 1345 hours ( 1:45 for land lubbers). With clear skies and glass seas we were entering the canal at 1345 hours. Can you believe it? The CCC is beautiful, rock lined and folks enjoying the walking and biking paths. Only one tour boat passed us in the canal and passage was with the tide and we jumped up to 10.1 knots. Felt like we were flying.
1430 – We had left the CCC and headed into Onset Bay and at 1500, moored at the Independence Yacht Club. We went on shore, showered, bought some grub and then met with Carl Johnson who was docked there on the ‘Big C’ and were also waiting to depart for their cruise to Florida. We will try to keep in touch on the journey.
TOTAL MILES – 68.5 and 8 hrs 41 mins

Log of the Cruz-In
DAY 3 – August 1 2008
Woke up early around 5am and waited for Jay to ‘ Make The Coffee ‘ . Water here at Point Indepence Yacht Club mooring is again calm as glass. A couple of early birds are leaving, one power and one sail. Must have all had alarm clocks. We are leaving Gloucester and heading for somewhere in Connecticut hopefully.
Buzzard Bay was awesome. Light seas but traffic was picking up. Lots of sailing boating and little less on the power side. One emergency call received 6 miles from us was a vessel on fire. Later on we saw a fire boat streaming water onto a tug off our starboard beam. No sense to go over and crowd them up.
Breakfest was SPAM, egg and cheese. Can’t get better than that. Coffee ran out after two cups and broke into the water and pepsi supplies along with peppermint candies, orios and dry roaster peanuts.
Early on, with a power switch, the computer navigation failed. Used the chart while I rebooted and reset the GPS and Navigator program. Yikes !!
Lunch was finishing up the roast beef and into the ham. Lots of mustard and of course orios and peanuts for desert.l
NOTE TO TRAVELERS: Insure electronic charts are backed up by hourly (or sooner) annotations on your charts so you always know where you are in case of electronic failure. The more entries you have on the chart, the easier it is to use 60 D ST ( 60 D Street ) to find yourself and go where you want to go.
TOTAL MILES – 74.8 nm and time of 11 hours 48 mins

Log of the Cruz-In
DAY 4 – August 2 2008
Shazam - 1st day of bad weather.

Departed New London City Docks at 0610 hours with 2 sailboats that were moored there with us. It was a good night except for the lousy trains that kept going by. Bunch of orientals on the pier catching mackerel which I don't think were going to be used for bait.

We were off Milford, CT when Jay noticed ( me also ) the dark line of clouds to our south and west. Called Bill and he confirmed bad weather cells coming in from the west headed east and north east especially around NYC. Confirmed this with a call home and Amanda checked our local WMUR Radar which she scrolled down to CT with and said we'd be in deep poo-poo in an hour or so with Red and Yellow cells headed our way.

We made a run for Milford and got info on a possible floating dock at the Milford City Dock. Some 'money folks' on the dock with us but haven't seen them since we secured the lines. Jay made a couple of ice cold RUM and Mango/Peach drinks and we'll have stew a bit later on. This is a high end city to say the least. Beautiful downtown just across from us. Have internet at $8.00 for the day because Jay's Verizon is just like gravity - It Sucks.

Here it is - Now Milford docked and waiting out storm. All ok except Jay got wet getting some Rum Ice.

TOTAL MILES – 55 nm and time of 6 hours and 15 minutes.

(Later) Sat, 2 Aug 2008 18:53:09 -0400

Ahoy Landlubbers,

Sitting here drinking rum at the Milford City Dock. Pogy or Bunker Fish in the thousands off the port side. Getting all fired up to go through 'Hells Gate' tomorrow in New York City. Too bad the thunder storm drove us in here today but it's great hanging around. I found a Dunkin Donut shop and got my medium coffee for the evening. Mixes well with RUM.

Well for your info, Jay figured from Portsmouth, NH to Milford, CT the 'Cruz In' used about 20/21 gallons of diesel. Great.
Ok will sign off and see what the RUM situation is. Got ice downtown with my coffee.

Tomorrow ---> Hells Gate
Two Old Men At Sea

Jay is going back to NH as soon as the boat is safely moored at Boca Chica. We're encouraging Lee to stay with us little while, especially since his sister-in-law, our daughter Susan and her husband Rick are going to be here for nearly a week beginning the 14th.

We'll follow the odyssey of the crew of the Cruz-In as they make their way here.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading and enjoying the logs too. Good for him for having this adventure! I hope the timing lines up so we can all get together during our visit next week. Can't wait to get there!
Love, Sue

Anonymous said...

Blog lurker from Kiit'ry Pt. here. Fun to read the log. It sure has rained a lot this summer! Safe journey...

Anonymous said...

Jay..... you pirate !!!!! You forgot your cannon !!!!! J.C. says he can still kick your butt !!!!
Have a fun trip, and good luck,

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