Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hurricane Ike Information Key West

NOAA's National Weather Service in Key West and the NWS' Tropical Weather Page are the absolute best sources of objective information about Ike, and about hurricanes generally, insofar as Key West is concerned.

Housed in a Cat 5 hardened building on White Street, the Key West forecasters and support personnel provide a steady stream of current information gathered from a variety of sources, giving as little or as much as anyone might care to know.

Of particular interest is the recorded multimedia update that's put up about every four hours.

Current information is favorable to Key West and the Keys, showing Cuba taking the brunt of the storm and its central mountains likely to moderate the strength of Ike from its current Cat 4 to a Cat 1 or 2. We're prepping to finish our preparations tomorrow morning. Depending on the forecast then we may or may not put up hurricane shutters wherever they are needed. Most of them are already in place, so its just a matter of pulling them closed and securing them. We have a few more pieces of outdoor furniture to put away, have our food and beverages in the refrigerator and the temperature will be turned up before the wind rises to level that might cut off power. Pools and spas are lowered in case the rains are as heavy as expected.

At the same time, the island itself is quiet, extremely quiet. I took a short ride around tonight to make sure that all of the houses are secure and there were very few other cars moving around. The two gas stations at Truman and White were both open, as were several small convenience stores and delis, but many more places were not only closed but boarded up.

Tomorrow morning tells the tale. Will it be a hit or a miss? I hope that it just keeps slip-slidin' away.

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