Saturday, January 10, 2009

Man and Dog

Citizen's Voice of the Day (1/7/09)

"I had the joy of taking a huge German shepherd for a walk every morning, but recently his caretakers moved to the other side of the Island. I am heartbroken; therefore I am going on a hunger strike ... right after lunch. Rommel, I miss you!"

Chris is a long-term tenant at one of the properties we look after, and has been walking Rommel most mornings for the past year. (I walk him most evenings.) Rommel is a great dog to walk with. He enjoys traveling around Old Town, from Mallory Square to the Key West Bight to lower Duval Street. People often comment on what a handsome dog he is.

Chris lodged a complaint with us against taking the dog across town, but understands that it's to Rommel's benefit.

None of us want to see Chris starve. At least he had sense enough to wait until after lunch to begin his hunger strike.

He's welcome to visit with Rommel any time and to take him for walks in his new neighborhood. We hope he will do so soon.

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