Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Europe Tour 2009

My weekdays are for working on things that have to get done; weekends, like the one just past, is for doing things I want to do, like write something at my blog so my "followers", all 14 of you, and other visitors (395 so far this month) will know we're still here in Key West and don't intend to leave any time soon, at least not for good. There is a rumour abroad that we are leaving here to go north. Not so, not so.

I used to get a lot more traffic here, but my posting frequency dropped way off when we began our 2-1/2 year property management gig and opened the gallery on Caroline St. Now that both of those are finished, I've turned my attention to my work with the BCCLT, and making ready for a five-week trip to Europe and the British Isles with our grandson, Cameron.

Cam is 18 and just graduated from Spaulding High School in Dover, NH where he lives and grew up. Like me back in 1957, he isn't sure what he wants to do now. He hasn't applied for any college. He's visited a recruiter to look into opportunities in the military. We planned this European Grand Tour a couple of years ago for the summer after his graduation. He was last in Europe, Belgium, when he was four years old, has studied and done well in French in grammar and high school, and has an interest in the history of Europe, America and the intersection of the two. We'll visit: Ireland, England, France, the Low countries, Monaco, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland. It was planned as a 30-day Eurail tour, but now it looks like we'll rent a car in France and return it there.

For me it's mostly a retro tour. Janet and I did it together in 1997. We spent 4-1/2 months in Ireland and a month traveling in Europe. We traveled mostly by bus and train, did some hiking here and there, hitchhiked a little, and rented a car to drive the Cote d'Azur from Hyeres to Monaco. Cam wants to see what we saw, and he has places on his list that I've never been to: Normandy, Versailles, Prague, Switzerland, and others.

We have our plane tickets and now we're looking for a good car rental deal, hopefully in Calais. We're both going to be packing MacBooks, so we ought to be able to chronicle the trip for our friends back home.

We leave from Boston on September 9; return there on October 20.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from 3 weeks in Europe, myself. Sounds like you're biting off a lot to see in that short of time! Anyway, here's a suggestion for a rent a car: http://www.autoeurope.com/

No one could beat their prices. They are an Avis wholesaler and Avis endorses them. Make sure you tell them ALL the countries you're going to or MIGHT go to. You need the appropriate decals. For us, Prague has become too touristy. We didn't like it. HOWEVER...stop by the Ghost Tour site. The owner used to work the ghost tours here!!!

Jim Brooks
NAS Key West PAO

Webmaster AKC 1 said...

Dang! Now you're making me just a little bit jealous, this sounds so good. Hoping you'll blog as you go so we can enjoy your experience vicariously.
Bon voyage, dobry dobrodruzstvi, and all that,


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable video of animated Mario Sanchez paintings from Key West!!


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