Sunday, September 13, 2009

Staying online while moving about

Despite some difficulty in getting internet access reliably (we're at Isaacs Hostel in Dublin right now using their wireless, I'm managing to keep up with what's going on back "home" in Key West. I've downloaded the Key West Citizen for Thursday through Sunday, keeping up on the news about the Acevedos, Hendrick, etc.

I've already voted in the upcoming municipal elections. They'll probably be over by the time I return unless one or more races require a runoff.

The state of wireless internet in Ireland, as far as we've found, isn't as advanced as I expected it would be. Where we've been able to find it, it's adequate but hot spots are few and far between and it's almost all passworded. I think that the days of open hotspots is pretty much gone, lost to the abuse of those who would take advantage of a good thing.

An internet shop operator here in Dublin told me of people sitting on the sidewalk outside of his shop at all hours sucking up free wi-fi, then complaining loudly when he shut it off.

We'll see if it's any better in Europe soon.

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