Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back Home Again

I got back to Key West a week ago today after traveling for six weeks with our grandson, Cameron (Chasse). It was a Grand Tour of Europe in a tradition that goes back to the 1600's and was considered to be an education rite of passage for young men in a gap year following completion of a course of education.

It's good to be back home again.  The weather in Europe towards the end of our journey was trending to winter, requiring jackets when outside most of the time. And, frankly, travel can be tiring, especially when carrying heavy luggage and making use of public transportation and airlines to get around.

There are now some weighty matters that I must deal with.  I'll be focusing on those in the weeks to come.  I told Cameron when we parted in New Hampshire last week that we had the same task ahead; to figure out what we'll do with the rest of our lives.  He's 19 now and has his life ahead of him.  I'll be 70 next month, so the things I might do are quite different from the things he might do.  Yet, it's basically the same thing.

He's going to work in Alta, Utah this winter at a ski resort there managed by a friend's uncle.  It's a job that he's well-suited for, operating ski lifts, as he's a pretty accomplished skier and an even better snowboarder.  The job includes room and board and a not-too-shabby hourly rate of pay.

I've been looking at the papers here and I can see that it's shaping up to be another interesting "season" at the theaters, music venues and other places for entertainment, amusement and diversion.  I wrapped up our property management gig before leaving for Europe so I'm optimistic that there'll be time now to take advantage of those things, to read (and hopefully to write) more, and to amuse myself in various other ways.

Meanwhile, if you feel like sitting through slide shows of some of our photos from the trip, go here and here on Facebook.

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