Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delicious Library

CAUTION:  This post has nothing to do with Key West, other than the fact that I'm here (and you're not).   But, if you persist, you may read on.  My blog, my choice of topics.

I'm not one to buy a lot of software, but once in a while I come across an application that is so compelling that I will spring for a license.  I'll usually do that for smaller apps that don't cost much, rarely more than $10-20.  But since discovering Delicious Library a couple of days ago, I'm about to drop $40 to Delicious-Monster.com for an unrestricted license to it.

Library is just about a perfect application for a bibliophile, which I am.  I've looked at many library management applications in the past, even built one long ago in FileMaker Pro, an older Macintosh data base application.  What captured me in Library is their clever use of the iSight camera on my MacBook to read UPC bar codes.  It then uses that to retrieve information about a book and store it in a well-organized way and visually pleasing way, one that permits searching, browsing, and connecting to Amazon's web information about the book, it's author, etc.

In reading their blog, I also see that they will retrieve and store information about things other than books -- for example DVDs and CDs, software and, in the example they cite in the blog, power tools.  The product is a paradigm for not only an application, but for a business too.  I've only begun to explore its features and capabilities.  I'll report back once I'm done.  It only runs on Mac OS X, the iPhone, and now the iPad.

Sorry Windows users.  Maybe they'll get a version for you later on, when they aren't so busy.

Now I'm off to the download window to get my very own copy.

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Paula Keung said...

Hi Robert,
I'd like to speak with you to ask you questions about Key West for an editorial story I'm doing. I am looking for contributors for my digital web magazine, Travel Savvy. Your insights on the area of Key West are phenomenal, and I would love to feature your knowledge as well as print a bio on you and your blog.
Can we speak at some point today or this week? Thanks so much!
Paula Keung
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