Saturday, January 29, 2011

Emily's List - Part Deux

Picking up from where I left off yesterday:

There, Emily.  Hope you'll enjoy the road less-traveled by.


S said...

Hi Rob,
I myself was very psyched to see a new post in my RSS feed. That is a nice list. My husband and I have been making a yearly trek to KW since 2004. One time I saw you at the Coffee Plantation, at the old address, but you seemed very involved in a conversation and I didn't want to interrupt. If I see you around the week of 2/15 I'm going to make a point of saying Hi, since I've enjoyed your blog for so long. - Sue

lillyanne said...

Hi Bob - your lists are excellent ones, but I'm sorry to say that Sharon hasn't done the waking & biking guide this year, she hasn't had time to drum up the necessary advertising support. It's a great loss.

Greg said...

Thanks, Bob. I've been going through the list of links and having fun learning more about the REAL Key West. Those were great.


Greg said...

I came across Howard Livingston's online video series on Key West while looking at the Studios of Key West link you posted.

I was just looking at episode #7. They covered the Studios of Key West, did a bike tour, hit the Eco Discovery center... It's a nice little series.

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