Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Captain Outrageous 4/13/1940 - 2/9/2007

Today is the 71st anniversary of the birth of Norman Taylor, a.k.a. Captain Outrageous.  It feels to me like his soul has been stirring, as several events have taken place that are connected to him.

It began with a telephone call three weeks ago from the concierge of a ship called The World.  The World is a 644-foot private yacht that is owned by the owners of 165 private residences (they call them Residenseas) on board, ranging from an ocean penthouse with 6 bedrooms and 6-1/2 baths, to one, two and three bedroom apartments, and a number of studio units.  The owners have full privileges in a range of luxury amenities such as restaurants and lounges, exercise and recreational facilities, well-equipped libraries, and the like.  She cruises the world year-round, heading for exotic destinations and offering a broad scope of unusual experiences.  She arrives in Key West 9:00 AM on Friday and will sail away Saturday at midnight.  She'll be moored at Mallory Pier for the length of her short stay.

The concierge called me on a ship-to-shore link and left a message to call back on a land-line in Ft. Lauderdale.  He said that he had a passenger on board who wanted to visit the Captain Outrageous Gallery in Key West and to potentiallysome Captain Outrageous art.  I told him of the unfortunate passing of the good Captain and the shuttering of the Gallery, but gave him a contact number for Captain's former business partner, the custodian of the art pieces that were in the Gallery at the time of his passing.

Only a couple of weeks later, I received an email from a woman in Sarasota who knew the Captain well and who owns a 1996 scooter that he painted for her when it was new.  Here's a photo.  The owner was asking $1,200, and I believe that she may have sold it already.

The third event was an e-mail from another friend of the Captain.  He and his wife are from Chicago.  They purchased several of Captain's paintings, a bicycle and a tricycle, and grew quite close to him.  He, Eric, was the one who persuaded Outrageous to buy his first Macintosh computer, a 12" iBook.  He quickly fell in love with Macs, and followed his original purchase buy buying a 15" portable, a Mac Mini and a gorgeous 24" cinema display.  It was on these computers that he and I created his web sites.  He hired me in 2006 to tutor him on the finer points of using Macintosh and several of the applications that he wanted to learn.

Those were fun days for me.  We would work for 4-6 hours a day, he telling me stories of his life and about his philosophy of living, then we'd share a glass of wine and talk of many things, whatever was of interest to him at that particular time.

Eric told me in his e-mail that his wife is writing a children's book in which Captain Outrageous is the central character.  I can't wait to read it.

So Captain, your friends still remember you fondly and miss you at these notable times.  Here's hoping that you "skidded in sideways, totally worn out,  shouting "holy shit, what a ride"!



Keith said...

Thanks for the post, Bob. I am glad that I met the CPT, however brief my interactions with him might have been.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update. I feel Captain is stirring as well. Sometimes he comes in dreams. Sometimes, he comes in come on Jen, get it together... But then, softly, it is what it is. I miss him. Even though I know he wouldn't call, I could call him, you know, on this birthday, and he would be direct, that's what I loved. That directness-- part of it. I am tired now, as I wrote a post on his blog-- and now I must go clean the "art book" store I work in. He would have loved it here. I sent him a Vasaraly once, and he did love it... check is in the mail. But well, it was a gift really.. He gave so many to me.

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