Monday, June 18, 2012

Retreat, Hell!

(Cleaning out some of my un-posted drafts.  This one begun around the end of May.)

It's a nice day -- for staying inside.  Completely overcast, spitting rain, breezy, and quite cool at 64┬║.  I like Saturdays.  They represent a break from routine, a chance to do what I want, not what I must.

I want to connect to the BCCLT computer across Old Town, but the connection keeps dropping out.  I called our tech to see if he's working on the system; he hasn't responded yet.

So I'll blog instead.

Saturday's around Casa Kelly mean sleep late, eat a big breakfast, then choose a series of  tasks to accomplish, finish one and move on to another.  Tidy up my room; do some filing; pay bills, reconcile banks accounts, do a backup and a virus scan; watch a movie on NetFlix; go for a walk; read; write; nap.  It wears me out just thinking about about it.

My work at the BCCLT is nearly finished.  I'm thinking about what I'll do with my time when I'm done there.  Whatever it is, it'll be what I want, not what I must.

I took a long walk in the afternoon.  It was still overcast and cool when I left, but the sun was peeking through scattering clouds by the time I got to the Southernmost Point, warming the air a little.  I spent some time at the Truman Waterfront, getting pictures of the Navy's U.S.S. Ramage (DDG61), a guided missile destroyer in port for a couple of days of shore leave for the crew.  It's tied up at the mole pier.  The waterfront looks so forlorn, abandoned, especially when there are almost no people around.  The City Commission will be voting on Tuesday whether to accept the recommendations of its Truman Waterfront Advisory Board.


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