Sunday, October 06, 2013

Abandonment? No!

Really, followers, I didn't mean to abandon you the way I did.  Nothing new here since February.  I won't blame you a bit if you've moved on, as I seem to have done, to other places such as Facebook, Linked In;  to other devices such as smart phones and tablets; and to other pursuits such as Netflix and getting out in real life.

But if you're still here, and you really want to Jones on the Key West vibe, I have suggestions.

ConchScooter's Key West Diary
My go-to blog for Key West and its environs from a location viewpoint is still ConchScooter's Key West Diary. Michael (for that is his True Name) has been writing consistently about Key West and the lower Keys since 2007.  He practices photojournalism and decorates his very good writing with much very good photography of what he sees as he travels about the area with his faithful canine companion, Cheyenne.

You can read about Michael here.

Sloan Bashinsky's Good Morning Key West
Sloan Bashinsky is, at first, a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. *  His approach to Key West, its citizens, its politicians, and its institutions is rarely gentle, often confrontational, and sometimes bordering on cruelty.  But he is honest even, it would seem, in his belief that he is guided by a band of angels who direct his actions.  He is prolific.  He speaks constantly and at great length, and like the walrus, about many things.

Bashinsky presides over three primary blogs:  Good Morning Key West; Good Morning Florida Keys; and Good Morning Birmingham.  He has a dense network of collaborators and informers in his circles. His detractors consider him to be either crazy, stupid, or rude -- sometimes all three at the same time -- but I find his ruminations helpful in understanding some of what goes on around here in the back channels, outside the mainstream.

I have many other sources for gathering and receiving information about what interests me about -- well, just about anything -- but in particular about Key West.  Newspapers, web sites, mailing lists.  I've mentioned many of them over the years here.  Some are still around, some are not.  Regretfully, we lost one of the best ones when the Citizen newspapers closed down Solares Hill for economic reasons.

I began this blog in 2002, just after leaving Key West to go back to New England.  I wrote in it a lot more between 2004 when we came back and 2009.  I also started several other blogs dealing with things other than, specifically, The Real Key West.  You'll soon find a list of them over in the right column under links - as soon as I update them.

If there's a reason for me to keep this blog alive and active, it's in the graphic.  Even without an update in over a half-year, the blog still gets about 500 visitors a month.  I've never thought seriously about ways I might monetize that kind of traffic.  If I had an extra couple of thousand dollars right now, I'd think about replacing the aging MacBook that Captain Outrageous bought for me in 2007.

Anyway, this is what I decided to do on a fair Sunday morning, with gentle breezes blowing, my massive iTunes library shuffling song in the Jazz genre, and bacon, eggs and biscuits digesting in a coffee bath in my gut.

Hello, is there anybody out there?  Is there anybody in there?  Just nod if you can hear me.  Is there anybody home?


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