Wednesday, May 07, 2014

How to Get Approval for a Development Plan

I sometimes amuse myself by watching my governments at work.  It's a government geek's pleasure to observe such events.

The video above is a good example of the Key West city government cooperating with a private citizen to do something good.  It's also a great example of that citizen doing a bang-up job of presenting his ideas to the city in a way that almost guarantees that he'll get the approval he seeks from the City Commission.

510 Eaton St. Key West

That church-like and theater-like building on Eaton Street has been largely vacant for the fifteen years that we've lived here.  It was once a performance stage featuring a variety of entertainments, including as a "discotheque".  (You remember discotheques, don't you?)

There's a second building on the property that was once offices, but they became vacant too.  The owner-applicant intends to tear that portion down and to build a single-family residence there.

The agenda item at the City Commission hearing was the culmination of a process designed to carry the application through all of the required approvals, and was guided by Trepanier & Associates, a local firm that does that kind of work for many developers, large and small.  

The segment that begins at just after 2:00 minutes is what impressed me most.  It's the owner's plea for approval.  He could't have done it any better.

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Anonymous said...

It is becoming very alarming on how little rental propertys there are, and how high priced they are. Landlords are becoming very unreliable, houses are going into foreclosure in high amounts. I know my landlord defaulted on 10 in the last two months. I know of atleast 3-4 more that friends live in. Now banks own a ton of propertys. Then Banks sell them to people, and those people tend to turn them into vacation rentals. Florida keys have a housing Crisis on there hands. What is going to happen when more key west residents move out for lack of housing? Or way to expensive housing. People can barely live down here unless they have many room mates. I'm a mother, so I really can't have roomate's. Who can really afford to live here without roomate's? People who own there house,military workers, those low income housing were the state pays there bills and rent, people on vacation, and people who really don't need to work. Key west needs people to working, not moving out because they can't afford the first, last, and security totaling $6000.00-10,000. Just to move in and rent a place. Atleast most tourist destinations have worker housing that is truly affordable. Cause with out workers, you have no tourist destination ... Also speaking of tourist destination, I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice, the economy is not the same as it was in 2005-2007. The money is slowly down quite a bit. Tourist are spending a lot more for rooms in hotels, and vacation houses like truman annex and such. Their staying and relaxing in their hotels more. Spending less money on Duval st. And other fun activity's. People are starting to take their vacation's to other cheaper places. I hear it all the time. Last years fantasy Fest had to be the worst ever. Just like bike week and this year's St. Patrick's day. Key west is not getting what it used to in tourism. So if are wages are not as good as they used to be, and rent is getting higher, what is next? Exactly, people are leaving... What is Key west going to do?? Huge Crisis.

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