Sunday, May 04, 2014

Rockin' in Key West

They're really rockin' in Boston
In Pittsburgh, Pa.
Deep in the heart of Texas
And round the 'Frisco Bay
All over St.Louis
And down in New Orleans.

They're rockin' in Key West, too.  At least they were last night when The Doobie Brothers played a concert at the Truman Waterfront to a crowd estimated at 2500 - 3000 people.  

 We were rockin' too, earlier today, when the wind kicked up and the tide was changing.  The
Betty Sue
Betty Sue was rocking pretty good, although not uncomfortably. 

The weather that caused this has passed over us now and it's quite a spectacular day.  Bright sun, blue skies and high, wispy clouds, fresh breezes, and a temperature of 79ยบ combine to make today a perfect day to throw the windows and doors open and bring the outdoors inside.

Even though the Truman Waterfront is still just a scarred stretch of waterfront land, waiting for the city to actually do something to it, the venue is still a pretty great place for events like the one last night.  It was called "Keystock", like Woodstock -- yeah, it's a corny name but it'll probably catch on.

Tickets were $45 general admission and there was VIP seating at a higher price.  Parking was $10.  I'm waiting to see who posts pictures and to see how it was laid out.

Bill Blue told me that The Doobie's performance was quite good, better than he expected, and that it brought to mind all the great music that the group wrote and performed over the years.  

It's hard to imagine that a band of old men can have a 45-year career and still pack in the crowds; but then I remember that the Stones have already done their 50th anniversary tour.

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