Sunday, July 30, 2017

Key West Connections

It's Sunday morning here in Fort Myers.  It rained again today, but that's not been unusual over the last two months.  During June and July, at the nearest rain gauge to us, the one at Page Field, shows 15-½  inches in June and is approaching 8 inches this month.  Those aren't extreme amounts, but what's important is that it has rained something on most of the 60 days since June 1.

I called the Key West Citizen this morning.  I wasn't able to log in to the digital edition, as I do nearly every day whether at home or away.  We've been gone from our little island home for more than two years now but I maintain a strong interest in what goes on there, because it was for more than 13 years, our home.  We put down roots in 1999 and over the next 15-½ years despite a two year gap between 2003 and 2005, we flourished there.

There are many ways to keep the connection.  The papers, obviously.  The Citizen is a daily.  My next favorite information source for solid news is Key West The Newspaper, aka The Blue Paper.  Each of them is worthy of being supported  by our money.  We have a rolling, six month, on-line-only subscription that renews automatically for $48 at present.  I support the Blue Paper by making frequent small contributions via Pay Pal.

There is a plethora of on-line sources, especially on FaceBook where the number of participants via individual and group memberships must number in the many thousands.  By following these a reader gets a gamut of opinions on a broad swath of what happened, is happening, and will be happening.

There are blogs too, like this one,  some which are uniquely Key West and some which are tangentially so.   I haven't taken inventory lately so I can't say whether all of those in the right-hand column are still active.  Two that are, My Diary by Conch Scooter and My Life in Key West by Key West Lou are still being updated with some regularity.  I particularly like My Diary because the blogger writes very well and he is very knowledgeable of Key West, writing since 2007.

Now that I've established a foothold back here, I'll see if I can update the inventory of sites.

Welcome back, if you're returning, or welcome if you only found The Real Key West lately.  There are memories buried here, and some stories that can withstand being retold.

Walk beside me and I'll fill you in.
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