Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Key West and Music

I'm "chillin" to the My Chill playlist that Apple Music offered up to me on Sunday.  I get a new chill list in this position every Sunday, along with many other suggested playlists, based on what's in my own iTunes library and what I listen to regularly at the A-M site   This Chill play list has 25 songs and plays for an hour and 39 minutes,

I have quite a few songs and other audio in my own iTunes library that connect me to Key West.  Besides much music performed by Key West musicians, I also have  a lot by artists and bands who have appeared there during the 15 years of our residence.

I really like Apple Music.  I've tried Spotify, Pandora, Livestream, Amazon and Google, among others.  Apple Music has the best combination of streaming music and connection to my personal collection.  Their curated music services offer me a chance to explore things that I might like and a way to add them to my own collection with ease.

Those who know Key West know that it is a great place to hear live music, day and night and especially in Old Town.

Janet and I are planning to be there in mid-September to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary.  We'll soon be planning out our music calendar, hoping to catch as much music as we can in five short days.

Tempus fugit!

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