Thursday, January 31, 2019

Seen in the Key West Citizen  at Today in Keys History:

1831: William Hackley recorded, in part, in his diary: I did not write home yesterday as there is no vessel in port by which the letter could go to any place at which it might be mailed and for some weeks now there has not been a vessel in this port except the vessel from Baltimore and indeed I think the Key is deteriorating instead of improving and a professional man instead of making money can scarcely earn a sum sufficient to pay the necessary expenses which are very high here and even then the lawyer is dependent in a great measure on the number of wrecks on the reef. I am heartily tired both of the place and of the kind of life I have been leading here now for more than two years, it being the 18 day of November 1828 when I first put foot on the beach of this island and I hope before long to be able to leave it forever.

Were those the good old days of Key West?

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