Saturday, February 09, 2019

We moved to Key West in January of 1999.  We moved to Fort Myers in August of 2015,  The years in between included a two-year hiatus back to New Hampshire between June of 2002  and May of 2004  and a three-month stint in Cape Coral, Florida; two journeys to Europe for me, once for six weeks with our grandson, Cameron in 2009, and another for seven days to Belgium in 2014 with our daughter Betty,  Cameron's mother, to visit him at the end of his college year-abroad experience.  We spent another week in Utah for a Thanksgiving celebration with Cameron and his mom and dad Lee in 2012[?].  We visited with our daughter Susan and son-in-law Rick in Round Rock, Texas over Thanksgiving of 20??.

Resurrecting this post beginning from the oblivion of forgotten and incomplete draft posts.

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